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Business Simulations

A business simulation is the business training equivalent of a pilot's simulator- instead of flying a virtual aircraft, you run a virtual business.

How does it work?

Our simulations are designed to allow you to build an understanding of how a business functions, what makes it successful and practice some of the skills that lead to this success. To ensure you have fun while you learn, we introduce your competitors to the game. Everyone's objective is to make their business profitable.

Why should you do it?

The simulations give you the opportunity to make decisions about pricing, sales, promotion, production, capital investment and credit control. Based on your decisions sales demand are generated for your business. We use these figures to evaluate your response and work with you to develop critical thinking that leads to business success.

Our range of Business Simulations

Foundation Challenge Series

Basic business simulations that allow you to appreciate the operation of a total enterprise, develop business acumen and financial knowledge.

Concepts Series

Short (two to four hours) business simulations that explore a single business concept.

Strategy Series

Business simulations for middle to senior management focusing on business strategy in differing industrial environments.

Process Series

Business simulations to take you through a business process such as sales, forecasting, or contract bidding and involve analysing data, predicting and recommending actions.

Planning Series

Business simulations that involve the preparation and justification of a plan or a budget.

Functional Series

Business simulations focusing on specific functional area (such as sales or production) teaching skills to manage functions more efficiently and effectively.

Tactical Series

Business simulations focusing on tactical management and control of a total business.

Fit For Legacy Workshop

Business Simulations - Learn how to run your business effectively Canary Wharf session