Business & Enterprise Support

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Business Development

If you are currently running a business or just starting a new venture and have plans to expand but not sure how, then let our experts support your company's growth.

Our business development programme focuses on:

  • Creating a positive impact on your profits
  • Increasing your customer base and building up sales
  • Uncovering 'Blind Spots' in your business

Looking at your own business with fresh eyes is not easy. You simply don't know what you don't know. Let our expertise match your business needs and together we will create a development plan with noticeable results in the first six months.

Business Models Generation

Ultimately, Business Model Innovation is about creating Value.

Value for your company, your customers and the market place. How do you imagine your organisation's business model might look in two,five, or ten years from now?

We will introduce you to a range of business models helping you identify the one that suits your business. We specialise in creating business models from a blank canvas, guiding you through the nine key principles that will become the building blocks of your enterprise.

Whether you are starting up a new business or already running one, you will be able to review your current model, compare it against your competitors and improve your organisation's performance.

Branding & Marketing

People often think that marketing is simply about sales. This is a misconception as marketing provides the background and opportunities for sales to be made.

We can help you identify opportunities for your product or service using variety of activities to ascertain the needs of your potential customers. You will have a clear strategy of how to generate an income as well as creating enhanced benefits for your customers.

We can help your business with :

  • Market analysis
  • Segmenting your customers
  • Building a strong brand
  • Pricing your product or service
  • Digital and online marketing
  • Promotional campaigns

Public & Voluntary Sector Support

We offer specialist expertise in the fields of Business Analysis, Economic Development, Education, Early Years and Childcare and Regeneration. Our associates have worked on a large number of Public and Not for Profit Sector contracts delivering positive outcomes to local communities. Funding streams included the London Development Agency, London Councils, European Social Fund, Big Lottery, Sure Start and various Community Grants.

We can support your organisation with:

  • Project set up and delivery
  • Interim management of funded projects
  • Project Recovery
  • Employers Engagement
  • Best Practice Workshops
  • Tender bids and Grant applications
  • Mystery Shopper and Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Business Development

Data Analysis and Integration

Whatever your business, big or small, public or private, you will be surrounded by data, in many formats; numbers or words. Through data analysis we can help provide:

  • Meaningful representation and answers to those questions your organisation may be asking
  • Decisions based on evidence through statistical representations
  • Clear understanding of your data and what it means to your organisation
  • Recommendations based on evidence
  • Process improvement through six sigma methodologies

But data analysis cannot provide a meaningful representation if organisations cannot trust the data that they have, this is done through Data Governance. Data governance ensures that data can be trusted and that people can be made accountable for any adverse event that happens because of low data quality. It is about putting people in charge of fixing and preventing issues with data so that the enterprise can become more efficient. When companies desire, or are required, to gain control of their data, they empower their people, set up processes and get help from technology to do it. We will work with you to ensure your data is 'clean' and can stand up to any scrutiny or auditing from outside inspection bodies.

Research Analysis

Finding out what your customers think of your products and services is essential for the success of your business.

We can help you:

  • Decide what type of research will be most effective for your business
  • Design survey questionnaires
  • Run a test or sample to refine your survey
  • Conduct the research on your behalf
  • Collate and analyse results producing a final report