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Business Skills Workshops

Our workshops are designed to target key business skills to help you and your team develop your concept, implement it and achieve results. All our sessions are interactive and based around audience participation, so be prepared to engage and be engaged.

Business Simulations Masterclasses

How can you make sure your business runs successfully and efficiently? Do you sometimes doubt whether you are making the right decisions to ensure the effective use of your resources? How do you reach out to and satisfy clients without financial setbacks?

Whether you are starting up in business or you have been trading for a while, this interactive business skills workshop will help you develop and hone good judgment when it comes to making those decisions helping you stay focused and sharp when running your business.

A business simulation workshop gives you the opportunity to run your own business in a virtual environment, as part of a team and in competition with other business people. You learn from practical results and you compare these with other members of your team, drawing on and learning from their viewpoints and experience too.

You will make decisions about your products and or services, how to set your prices, sales, promotion, resources, credit control, capital investment and more. You will learn how the right decisions drive financial success. But, unlike the real world you are not risking real money or real jobs!

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of your Business Objectives
  • Develop Financial Appreciation, Forecasting & Control
  • Learn how to Service your Clients
  • Find out how to make decisions on Pricing, Marketing and Promotion

Business Planning & Access to Finance Workshop

A one day Boot Camp seminar for Start Ups and SME's designed to provide an introduction to Business Models, Pricing, Profit and Loss forecasts, Product Cash Cycle, Branding & Marketing & Access to Finance.

After completing this seminar you will be able to:

  • Develop your Business Model
  • Plan your finances correctly
  • Use Creative Strategies to target your marketing campaign
  • Generate business leads and sales

Presentation and Pitching Skills

This one day workshop will help you and members of your team to improve and enhance your public speaking, presentation skills and pitching methods. Participants are requested to prepare and pitch their business concept to the audience, followed by feedback and constructive commentary.

After completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Speak to others with confidence about your business
  • Feel positive about the way you project your concept
  • Keep prospective clients engaged
  • Sell yourself and your products naturally
  • Create a lasting impression in business meetings

What is Your Brand?

Your brand should be much more than just a logo- it should portray a unique identity for your business to help your clients understand what you do and buy it from you. This half-day workshop explors what makes an effective business brand and provides an opportunity to step back and see your brand as others do.

The course programme covers:

  • What is meant by branding and the benefits for businesses
  • How brands can be used to create a point of difference
  • How brands affect buying decisions
  • Ways to communicate your brand
  • How to see your business as others may do